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In 1993 the pianist and further master craftsman of pianobuilding Gert Hecher founded a workshop in order to restore historic pianos, which since 2000 is called Klavieratelier.

Außenansicht des Klavier-Ateliers

Der Klaviersalon

Der Blaue Salon

Der Grüne Salon
This institution is specialized on historical and early modern pianos. The name Klavier-"Atelier" (piano studio) in this context bears the meaning that it's proponents cultivate art in various aspects - the art of instrument-building, the art of piano-playing, the art of intelligent discussion, the art of delight...

We restore and deal with instruments which were approximately built between 1780 and the second world war. A special interest of ours are grands with Viennese mechanic.

The pianos of the Klavieratelier are often used in concerts, e. g. in the famous Golden Hall of the Viennese Musikverein, in the Viennese Konzerthaus or in important festivals, were artists as Andras Schiff, Cyprien Katsaris, Alexej Lubimov, Andreas Staier, Alexander Lonquich, Malcolm Bilson, Paul Gulda, the Stenzel-brothers, the Altenberg-trio with Claus Christian Schuster, the Abegg-Trio with Gerrit Zitterbart a. o. played on them in the past.

A new aspect of our business is to built replicas from late eighteenth/early nineteenth century- pianos.

In the last years some very successful and longtermed cooperations developed:

The Viennese Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde
We restored several pianos from this collection and we care for all the historic pianos, especially during the concert-series "Nun klingen sie wieder"

The Technical Museum in Vienna
has some instruments which have been restored or preserved by us. Now we take care for all stinged keybord-instruments there.

The Brahmsmuseum in Mürzzuschlag
All pianos at this lovely museum have been restored by us, including the famous Streicher-grand of the Fellinger-family on which Brahms made his only recording. These instruments are being played regularely at the museum recitals.

Dr. Buchner's pianomuseum at the Stoitzendorf castle
Several pianos there have been restored by us, especially a remarkable Bösendorfer from 1841. Gert Hecher from time to time appears as a concertplayer there or guides, together with the host, through the collection.

The piano collection Prof. Urich Beetz, Weimar
All instruments in this exceptional collection have been restored by us.
www.hfm-weimar.de --> sammlung_beetz

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