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A particularly close and fruitful collaboration has developed with a number of important institutions in recent years: 
The Society of Friends of Music in Vienna
whose collection of historical pianos we have partially restored and which we look after, especially for the concert series "Nun klingen sie wieder".
The Technical Museum in Vienna
has had several instruments restored or conserved in our studio.
Vienna Academy under Martin Haselböck
which uses almost exclusively our pianos for their performances in Vienna. Special mention should be made of the concerts at the Musikverein and the RESOUND BEETHOVEN series.
The University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna
has so far purchased three historical instruments from us and had an important Bösendorfer grand piano by Egon Wellesz restored by us. The acquired pianos are: A fortepiano by Franz Bayer, a fortepiano by J. B. Streicher, and a concert grand by Friedrich Ehrbar.
    Das exil.arte Zentrum der mdw: www.exilarte.at
The Brahms Museum in Mürzzuschlag
all of whose instruments, including the famous string grand piano of the Fellinger family played by Brahms, have been restored by us. These instruments are regularly used in the museum concerts.
Collection Prof. Ulrich Beetz (Now in Münster!)
All of the instruments in this important collection, which is housed in the Münster Conservatory, have passed through our hands. The most recent highlight is a fortepiano by Conrad Graf from ca. 1827
www.uni-muenster.de --> Sammlung Beetz
The Music and Art Private University
has acquired a fortepiano by Ignaz Bösendorfer from us
The foundation Klassik in Weimar
has had a very early concert grand piano by Julius Blüthner (serial number 106) as well as a Thuringian fortepiano from about 1840 (without name plate) restored by us.
The Music Academy Gheorge Dima in Cluj-Napoca
has purchased a fortepiano by Adalbert Stabernak from us.
The Dkfm Angelika Prokopp-Stiftung
has purchased a fortepiano by Johann Pottje from us.
The Beethovenhaus Baden
has restored a fortepiano by Conrad Graf, on which Beethoven occasionally played during his spa stays in Baden.
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we have restored

Ludwig van Beethoven
Fortepiano by Conrad Graf, 1818
Beethoven played on this grand piano occasionally during his spa stays in Baden near Vienna
Carl Czerny
Fortepiano by Ignaz Bösendorfer, 1834
From the possession of Czerny, now in the archives of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna
Franz Liszt
Concert grand piano (model "H") by Erard, Paris 1850
Liszt played a concert on this grand piano in Liège in 1861
Richard Wagner
Table piano by Franz Rausch, around 1825
Wagner received his decisive music lessons on this instrument from the Thomaskantor Christian Theodor Weinlig
Anton Bruckner
Fortepiano by Ignaz Bösendorfer, 1848
Bruckner's personal and lifelong used instrument, now in the monastery St. Florian
Johannes Brahms
Fortepiano by Wilhelm Bachmann, ca. 1850
Brahms occasionally played this instrument during his summer stays in Mürzzuschlag in 1884 and 1885

Grand piano by Johann Baptist Streicher and son, 1880
This instrument belonged to the family of Dr. Richard Fellinger, with whom Brahms was a close friend. He not only played almost all of his late chamber music works on it in private previews, but also the legendary roller recording in 1889.

Both instruments are in the Brahms Museum in Mürzzuschlag
Ignaz Brüll
Concert grand piano by Schiedmayer and Sons, 1873
Private property
Wilhelm Kienzl
Salon grand piano of the Wiener Produktivgenossenschaft, ca. 1880
Leoš Janáček
Grand piano by Friedrich Ehrbar, 1880
Janáček was given this instrument as a gift for his wedding to Zdeňka Schulzová in 1881 and used it throughout his life.
The grand piano is located in the so-called Janáček Memorial, the residence of Leoš Janáček, which today belongs to the Moravian National Museum.
Franz Lehar
Grand salon piano by Friedrich Ehrbar, 1905,
with a small card in brass frame with Lehar's handwriting On this grand piano I composed “The Merry Widow”.
Private property

Stutz grand piano by Franz Stahl, Vienna around 1890.
This instrument has always stood in the so-called Schikaneder-Schlössel in Heiligenstadt and belonged to Lehar's brother Anton. It was also played by Franz time and again.
Private property
Egon Wellesz
Semi-concert grand piano by Ludwig Bösendorfer, 1909
This grand piano was also a wedding gift for his marriage to Emmy Stross.
It is in the exilarte Institute at the University of Music in Vienna.
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I hereby gladly declare and confirm that Mr. Gert Hecher, master piano builder, has been known to me for years as a conscientious restorer of historical piano instruments. I follow his work achievements continuously.

He has worked on the restoration of instruments from our collections and is currently in charge of the restoration of a table piano by Johann Schanz (1762?- 1828).

Furthermore, Mr. Gert Hecher takes care of the tuning and maintenance of the playable historical piano instruments in our collection.

I appreciate in Mr. Gert Hecher his craftsmanship, his correct scientific handling of questions arising in connection with restorations, and his combination of this with sensitive musicality; it is certainly an advantage that cannot be overestimated that he is also a trained pianist and has specialized in playing on historical instruments. Very important for me as a client is also the absolute reliability of Mr. Gert Hecher in agreed procedures of restoration as well as in scheduling matters.

Prof Dr. Otto Biba
Director of the Archive of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Vienna

Statement, Society of the Friends of Music Vienna, Prof Dr. Otto Biba (PDF)


Our Brahms Museum houses three historic grand pianos, two of which are known to have been played by Johannes Brahms. All three instruments have been restored by Mag. Gert Hecher to our complete satisfaction.

The first, a grand piano by Wilhelm Bachmann, which was played by Brahms in Mürzzuschlag, could only be transformed into a melodious, technically perfect instrument again by the work of Mr. Hecher after a not exactly successful restoration by a Viennese piano maker.

The historic Steinway enjoys great popularity, especially among the pianists who perform here.

The highlight of Mag. Hecher's work for our house is undoubtedly the restoration of a string grand piano from 1880, on which Brahms played for years with the Viennese Fellinger family and on which he made his only recording.

We appreciate Mr. Hecher as an extremely conscientious and artistic restorer, who is also happy to share his knowledge and occasionally help with valuable advice. The fact that he is also a pianist, with a focus on historical pianos, enables him more than others to deal with the tonal and mechanical problems of these instruments and to solve them satisfactorily.

Ronald Fuchs
Secretary General of the Austrian J. Brahms Society

Recommendation Austrian Johannes Brahms Society, Brahms Museum Mürzzuschlag, Ronald Fuchs

Letter of recommendation for Mag. Gert Hecher

Gert Hecher has been known to the undersigned for many years as a pianist, collector and restorer. He helped her to purchase a historical piano by Johann Baptist Streicher and Son and restored it to her complete satisfaction. He also completely overhauled a Bösendorfer grand piano in her possession and restored it to perfection. As a restorer, Gert Hecher has a special flair and talent for reviving the original sound of historic pianos due to his pianistic skills. His restorations have already received international recognition.

Dr. Walburga Litschauer
President of the Austrian Society for Music

Letter of recommendation Austrian Society for Music, Dr. Walburga Litschauer

Gert Hecher has overhauled two historic pianos from the family estate (Heitzmann, around 1900, and Gössl, 1926) to my complete satisfaction. Both pianos have regained their individual sound character and keep their tuning for an exceptionally long time. My joy of making music has increased greatly after this excellent restoration of the instruments.
Dr. Manfred Vogel
Hofrat des Obersten Gerichtshofes, Wien


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